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Data Protection, Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy Notice

How we use your medical records:

  • This practice handles medical records in-line with laws on data protection and confidentiality.
  • We share medical records with those who are involved in providing you with care and treatment.
  • In some circumstances we will also share medical records for medical research, for example to find out more about why people get ill.
  • We share information when the law requires us to do so, for example, to prevent infectious diseases from spreading or to check the care being provided to you is safe.
  • You have the right to be given a copy of your medical record.
  • You have the right to object to your medical records being shared with those who provide you with care.
  • You have the right to object to your information being used for medical research and to plan health services.
  • You have the right to have any mistakes corrected and to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office. Please see the practice privacy notice or speak to a member of staff for more information about your rights.

For more information see our Privacy Notice or ask at reception for a leaflet.

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Health Records Sharing for Research Opt Out

Choose if data from your health records is shared for research and planning.

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NHS Summary Care Record

NHS Summary Care Record with additional information

If you are registered with a GP practice in England you will have a Summary Care Record (SCR), unless you have previously chosen not to have one. It includes important information about your health:

  • Medicines you are taking
  • Allergies you suffer from
  • Any bad reactions to medicine

You may need to be treated by health and care professionals that do not know your medical history. Essential details about your healthcare can be difficult to remember, particularly when you are unwell or have complex care needs. Having an SCR means that when you need healthcare you can be helped to recall vital information.

SCRs can help the staff involved in your care make better and safer decisions about how best to treat you.

You can choose to have additional information included in your SCR, which can enhance the care you receive. This information includes:

  • Your illnesses and health problems
  • Operations and vaccinations you have had in the past
  • How you would like to be treated, such as where you would prefer to receive care
  • What support you might need
  • Who should be contacted for more information about you

What to do next

If you would like this information adding to your SCR then please comlete a NHS Summary Care Record with additional information form, for return to the relevant GP surgery.

Information Leaflet and Website

Summary Care Record Information Leaflet

Summary Care Record on the NHS Digital website

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Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we have to produce a publication scheme. A publication scheme is a guide to the 'classes' of information that we intend to routinely make available. You can obtain a copy of this scheme from reception.

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Educational Remit

This practice has an educational remit. As a result of this, London Deanery Tutors (GPs themselves) will visit the practice from time to time and inspect patient records. Any patient who does not want their records to be inspected should tell the practice manager for future reference.

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Transferring Your Electronic Health Record

Your GP practice holds copies of your patient health record electronically and in paper format. Both contain the healthcare information about you that your GP needs including your medical history, medications, allergies, immunisations and vaccinations.

If you have previously registered with a different GP in England, upon registering at this practice your electronic health record will, where possible, be transferred automatically from your previous practice through the use of an NHS system called GP2GP.

Transferring Your Electronic Health Record Leaflet.