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Evening and Weekend Appointments Now Available

We have increased the number of appointments we are offering at Dr Curran & Partners. We have three new GPs and a new nurse to add to our existing staff in 2017. We have also increased the number of appointments and services that are available online. If however you are unable to get an appointment with a GP or nurse on the day of your choice we are offering appointments at four different Access Hubs:‚Äč

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The advantages of the Lambeth Access Hubs are:

  • GP face to face appointments or GP telephone consultation  
  • Nurse face to face appointments or Nurse telephone consultation
  • Pharmacy appointments which include medication review, asthma reviews, BP and urgent medication requests 
  • Directly bookable appointments from Dr Curran & Partners reception team 
  • Open late 12 noon to 8 pm Monday to Friday 
  • Open over the weekend 8 am to 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday
  • The Hub GP or nurse with your consent can access Dr Curran's computer system to view your medical history
  • Your Hub consultation is linked to Dr Curran & Partner's computer system so our GP's and nurses have a record of your hub appointment
  • There are 4 hubs which are easy to access via public transport - See the link below for details
  • The Hub is an overflow service run by Lambeth GP's and offers patients an opportunity to see a regular GP or nurse at a convenient time   

To find out more please click on the following link: www.lambethgpaccesshubs.co.uk.

Please remember to ask our reception team for a Hub appointment if we are unable to offer you the appointment time of your choice.