Patients Living Outside the Practice Catchment Area

Dr Curran and Partners does not currently accept new registrations from patients who live outside our catchment area. If you live outside our catchment area and need to register with a GP, please visit the NHS website to find a surgery near you.

If you are moving to a new home outside our catchment area, you may wish to remain registered with us. This is sometimes the case for patients who only move a short distance outside our catchment area. If this is the case, please:

  • Contact the practice to let us know you are moving home and tell us your new address.
  • Make it clear whether or not you would like to request to remain registered at Dr Curran and Partners.
  • Please also make it clear whether this request is just for you or for all members of your family (where applicable).

Your requests will be considered by your usual GP in line with the “Choice of GP practice guidance” issued by NHS England on 11 November 2014. We will then write to you to inform you of our decision. You will only be allowed to remain registered with us when living outside our catchment area if your GP is confident that this is clinically appropriate. You will have 30 days to register with a new GP if we feel it is not appropriate to keep you on our patient list.

Please note that if you are registered with us while living outside our catchment area you will not be eligible for home visits. You may be asked to reregister with a local GP at any time in the future should your personal circumstances change. Otherwise you will have access to all the services we offer.